Christopher P. Johnson
Founder and Principal

U.S. Navy Veteran, Boise State Alumni, and proven commercial furnishings specialist. Christopher Johnson is personally responsible for the provision and execution of over 20 million dollars of commercial furniture.  Christopher carries multiple certifications from manufactures he is known for asking questions and pressing the engineers to explain the 'why' of their product designs. He knows the desks, chairs, cubicles and lifts with a designer mind and will get you the right fit, rather than trying 

Chris has spent the better part of his career developing client solutions for the impossible situation.  His approach breaks most of the industry's "old ways," and challenges the status quo.   He believes strongly in the development of the work-culture atmosphere and believes his work changes lives! 


We take a unique approach to solving today's work space solutions!


We expertly extract the key elements of today's trends that are the most inline with your cooperate goals balancing work-place trends with long term sustainability and organizational standards. 

Our experience has shown us that office furnishing are an asset for strategic growth rather than an amortized asset on the balance sheet.  

We believe the right environment will  attract and retain the current talent demographics you've been looking for. 

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